Why I won’t apologize to bigots

So a gay woman apologized to the family that runs Walkerton, Indiana restaurant Memories Pizza for the gay left’s “intolerance.” One of Memories Pizza’s owner, Crystal O’Connor decided to let her fly her bigot flag high and announce to the media that gay customers are welcome to the restaurant, but that the restaurant would not cater gay weddings because Memories Pizza is a “Christian” establishment (was it baptized, I’m curious).

So, along with the rest of intolerant Indiana, O’Connor and Memories Pizza got a shit storm, including lots of pissed off gay folks who supposedly drove Memories to temporarily shut down. Before you cry tears for Memories, the company’s gotten a reported half million in donations as a result of the shutdown (who knew being a bigot was so lucrative? I’m in the wrong business).

So, on Brian Carey, a writer for Downtrend reported about a gay woman who reached out to O’Connor to apologize for the gay left’s horrible sin of being pissed off at discrimination. Carey’s article starts off with the wonderful, “Here’s proof positive that not all gay people are hateful, anti-Christian bigots.” Yup.

Obviously death threats are wrong and what this stupid law that Pence has to now fix proves is that Internet trolls and asshats come in all sexualities. The gay folks who have threatened business like Memories with violence are dicks and need to get their head checks.

However, I’m not apologizing for them because as a queer person I have no responsibility over my stupid brethren. Just as I hate when people look to Muslims to prostrate themselves over every act of terrorism, I’m not about to shoulder the responsibility of idiots who choose to act just as bad as the dum dums who support Indiana’s “freedom” of religion law.

But since we’re on the subject of apologizing, I’m waiting for Conservative Christians to apologize for Scott Esk, the Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s House of Representatives who “didn’t have a problem” if someone brought in legislation to kill gays (don’t worry, gays, Esk has no plans on doing this, though…whew).

Or how about Ted Cruz who has labeled equality as “radical?”

Or how about First Baptist Church pastor Clint Echols who compared gays to axe murderers?

Let’s be clear – the Right has been working to infringe on the rights of gays for years, couching this discrimination as a bid for religious freedom.

But the issue isn’t religious freedom because if in this weird bizarro world two gay guys decide they want pizza at their wedding and reach out to Memories Pizza, O’Connor won’t suddenly be forced to gay marry (let my position be clear: I’m against forced gay marriages). In fact, once she’s done with her job, she’s free to go on Facebook, Twitter, Instigram, etc., and lament about how she had to serve gay folks (poor lady).

You see, religious freedom is important but it goes both ways. I have to tolerate religious people and serve them too. I serve Christians, Jews, Buddhists all the time doing my work. Never once did I feel compelled to become a Christian – never once was my freedom to be an atheist threatened because I served Christians. And to be honest, I probably feel about Christianity similarly to the way a lot of these homophobes feel about the gay.

And to be honest, I kind of feel bad for Mike Pence. After all, it’s clear that he did this to score points with his conservative base. I don’t think Pence cares all that much about gay people. He signed this bill, not realizing how bad this backlash would be – it’s a bit sad to see him scramble to make himself look reasonable (after all, he’s probably running for president someday, and something like this doesn’t look good…I bet Hillary Clinton’s feeling mighty fine that all she has to worry about are emails).


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