I’m hoping Russell Tovey was misquoted…

In an interview with The Guardian, Looking actor Russell Tovey said this:

“I was so envious of everyone who went to Sylvia Young Theatre School. I wanted to go but my dad flat-out refused. He thought I’d become some tapdancing freak without qualifications. And he was right in a way. I’m glad I didn’t go. That might have changed…I feel like I could have been really effeminate, if I hadn’t gone to the school I went to. Where I felt like I had to toughen up. If I’d have been able to relax, prance around, sing in the street, I might be a different person now. I thank my dad for that, for not allowing me to go down that path. Because it’s probably given me the unique quality that people think I have.”

Ugh, ugh, ugh…

I’m hoping that the reporter – Tom Lamont – played fast and loose with the “record,” “pause,” and “stop” button on his tape recorder and therefore, Tovey’s comments were a result of some badly reworked and reworded statements, because otherwise, oh my lordy what a douchey thing to say.

Aside from reminding Tovey that there are effeminate kids in loads of different environments, and that no matter where you put them, they’ll still be effeminate, but the biggest problem in the statement is the assumption that nelly gays aren’t tough – which is complete nonsense, because think about it: what makes a kid tougher than having to grow up effeminate in an environment  where he gets chased, tormented, and has his ass kicked.

I’m all about giving the benefit of the doubt – so, for now, I’ll just assume that Tovey’s words were very badly put together…

Update (February 3, 2015, 2:03pm): So, Russell Tovey got on Twitter to respond to the mini-controversy (never a good idea), and this is what he had to say:

I surrender. You got me. I’m sat baffled and saddened that a mis-fired inarticulate quote of mine, has branded me worst gay ever Contd


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