I vow to stop reading comment threads on Yahoo! News stories…

When reading news stories on Yahoo! – particularly stories related to topics such as women’s rights, civil rights, crime in Chicago, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, gun control, education, welfare, racism, sexism, homophobia.

Like a masochist, I scroll down the screen to get sucked into arguments with others on the Internet who have nothing better to do than to argue aimlessly into the cloud…

But no more – I will no longer read any comment threads on Yahoo!

I’ll still read comments on blogs – particularly mine, because those still have civil discourses – usually readers have to go through Internet searches to land on a specific blog – therefore, the debate is usually more tolerant and tolerable.

But the stories on Yahoo! are like dumping grounds of anti-social behavior – it’s a cyber cesspool of intolerance, racism, homophobia, and any other forms of hate and prejudice.

I’ve been pulled into pointless arguments about Muslims that spiral out of control into a thread so long that it would take up several screens of arguing – all of it back and forth, none of it profound, substantial, or productive.

Obama-hating or Hillary-hating is also a sport for anonymous Internet trolls who think that the president is the anti-Christ, or think nothing of typing some of the most sexually degrading things about Mrs. Clinton.

And my reaction is as predictable as their stupidity – impotent rage that goes no where.

So that’s it – no more.



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