Asshat of the week: Terry Deary, author of the ‘Horrible Histories’

Had to lift my jaw off the ground for this one, kids. Terry Deary – the author of the Horrible Histories series believes libraries are ruining the publishing industry because people get to read for free and not have to pay for books. He argues that as we aren’t living in the Victorian era, we shouldn’t expect poor people to get free books – that’s what public schools are for.

Thankfully, the vast majority of published, best-selling authors are slamming Deary’s stupid opinion. It’s not libraries that are ruining the publishing industry, it’s the publishing industry that’s ruining the publishing industry. As new ways of sharing information become more accessible, the publishing industry should work with these advancements in technology to better get the products out.

This is a classic case of well-paid individuals sobbing because they’re not being paid more. Pop artists who lament file sharing as stealing food from their children – I don’t sympathize with Deary at all.

And his point about schools is just ridiculous. Schools are a great place to get a kid to start reading – but the school’s resources are limited (as are its book-storage space). How will a kid discover esoteric, rare, or out-of-left-field work? Or how will kids discover books that aren’t on reading lists, or worse – are banned from reading lists?

And why are we focusing on children? Deary forgets the seniors on fixed incomes, and housewives who are pinching pennies, and low-income workers all have limited discretionary income – we would cut these folks off from reading because Deary doesn’t think he’s getting as much as he deserves? Gotta admit, I’m not shedding any tears for the guy.

What is great about reading is that it’s the kind of entertainment that really helps a person grow – she’ll learn new words, acquire new skills, and amass new knowledge from reading. Limited access to only those who can afford it, is something that’s ridiculous and backwards, and doesn’t deserve any serious consideration.


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  1. So true. Libraries helped shape me as a young reader and they still influence me today.

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