Jodie Foster and Manti Te’o – are we still talking about this?

I’m late to the Jodie Foster flap. A few weeks ago, she was honored by the Hollywood Foreign Press with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. During her speech – which is now infamous – she seemingly came out (I thought she already had). The speech was a brittle take on celebrity-obsessed culture.

Manti Te’o a college football player who is involved in some insanely elaborate hoax dealing with a fake girlfriend. Some say Te’o concocted a fake girlfriend because he’s hiding his homosexuality. We don’t have any out gay players in the NFL, and Te’o could threaten his chances of getting drafted by the NFL, if he comes out.

Why do I bring up Te’o and Foster? Because yet again, we’re faced with the possible homosexuality of celebrities and we’re losing our collective shit.

And it’s not just straight folks who gay-bait us? Take a quick gander at the comment threads on, I dare you. Gay guys start throwing out hypotheses on Te’o’s sexuality – some will even go as far as examining the videos of Te’o’s interviews and coming up wiht conclusions of the guy’s sexuality by his physical reactions (you know the whole, “I can tell he’s gay by the way he’s talking”).

And before Foster officially came out – and by the way, why does Jodie Foster need to officially come out – articles about her sexuality always had folks trying to figure out just what side of her bread is buttered.

I’m not naive – I get it – it’s great if gays openly play with NFL teams, but can we just wait a mo’ and not jump ahead of these athletes, entertainers, and celebrities before they’re good and ready to come out.

I don’t care of Te’o will come out. I don’t think it’ll do anything for LGBT rights, nor do I think gossiping about the guy like high school mean girls does us any good either. If Manti Te’o’s gay great – if not, that’s cool, too.



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2 responses to “Jodie Foster and Manti Te’o – are we still talking about this?

  1. I just listened to her speech. I thought it was good. It seems like she’d had it: enough films for her. She probably wanted to air this out “officially” one last time and start a new stage of her life.

    • I thought she was implying that she was going to do more directing and less acting – a shame since she’s a great actress, but as a director, I don’t think she’s terribly distinct (not bad by any means, but not really a significant talent).

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