Rhonda Lee, fired for defending herself on Facebook – her TV bosses take to Facebook to do the same…

Rhonda Lee, a meteorologist who worked for KTBS3 News, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, LA, was fired recently because she defended herself against a Facebook poster who, among other things, asked if Lee has cancer because of her natural hairstyle. She then later got back with another poster who suggested that a charity project the station holds is biased in favor of black kids, which Lee also shot down with a polite response.

She was fired and her bosses insist it’s not because she was defending herself, but because she took to Facebook to do it – apparently KTBS3 has best practices that frown upon its employees using FB to get in touch with folks. Fair enough.

Except that Lee didn’t know about these best practices – which by the way – are framed as merely suggestions and not directives, according to an employee-wide email that was sent by the station to its employees.

How did I get to see the email? Well, funnily enough, KTBS3 took to Facebook itself to defend itself after the news broke of Lee’s firing.

So if I understand this correctly, it was wrong of Lee to defend herself against racist/sexist comments as well as to defend the station against charges of racism, because she went on Facebook to do it – but when KTBS3 (emphasis on the BS apparently) needs to defend its good name, it goes to Facebook. Hypocrisy much?

What KTBS3 should’ve done is defend Lee, take down the offensive post, and handle this internally. Apparently the folks down at KTBS3 suck at HR.


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