“Two and a Half Men” costar is in worrying trouble – and surprise! it’s not Charlie Sheen

I have to admit, I rarely watch Two and a Half Men, but like most of America, was aware of its star Charlie Sheen and his public meltdown that included a weird tour where he would go on long diatribes against the show’s creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen was quickly fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher – and despite it being the show’s 10th season, its ratings are very strong. It appears that Sheen’s public flame out helped the show.

Now, the “half” man – Angus T. Jones, who plays Jon Cryer’s son, and started on the show when he was a cute, chubby 9-year old, is in the news because he’s found religion and has labeled his show “filth.”

In a youtube video that can only be described as “creepy” or maybe “sad” Jones appears with Chris Hudson, a gentleman who insists the end of days is nigh because of President Obama’s re-election. Yup, he’s “one of those.” And Jones appears on this video denouncing his show, pleading to his viewers not to watch a show that’s paying him 300 grand per episode.

This development is depressing because Jones is so young and impressionable – Hollywood is littered with tales of woe and tragedy of child stars who aren’t prepared to handle the pressure, fame, temptation, and money that comes with stardom. It seemed that Jones was okay, though – until watching the video.

I normally would post a snarky reply to a story like this – remember how I crapped on TV-has been Kirk Cameron or Patricia Heaton? Well, Heaton and Cameron are middle-aged adults, so I feel that they have a bit more autonomy and know what they’re saying; with Jones, he’s 19, so it’s troubling that he would align himself with Hudson – whose youtube prophesies give me nightmares because the guy seems so unhinged.

I don’t think that Jones finding god or Jesus is bad – if he wants to be a “born again” that’s alright with me – after all, Hollywood has a weird subculture of born again celebs – stars who love Jesus, and don’t mind spouting off about their faith whenever they want.

So, the question for the showrunners of Two and a Half Men will be, will Jones be sacked for telling viewers not to watch a show he’s on. Possibly. The interesting thing is that if he is let go, then Cryer would be the only original man left – and Jones’ exit would be another ignominious step for the show. It’s obvious from the video that Jones doesn’t want to be on Two and a Half Men anymore, and if that’s the case, he should be allowed to move on. The cliché of “no such thing as bad publicity” might hits it limit though, with this one – because unlike Sheen, Jones doesn’t have a public persona of being a louche, douchy, jerky – instead he seems like a decent kid.

Or – wait for it – Jones could be smarter than we really know…It could be that he’s doing some sort of performance piece – living life as a performance artist, kind of like when Joaquin Phoenix grew a grizzly beard and told folks he was going to be a rapper…Maybe Jones is f*king with the media to create some unneeded buzz for the show…I dunno…


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