Rainn Wilson’s spoof on Angus T. Jones – comedy or bullying?

On the heels of Two and a Half Men‘s star Angus T. Jones’ bizarre rant against his show, calling it “filth” after a religious “awakening” Office champ Rainn “Dwight Schrute” Wilson appeared in a spot-on spoof with Craig “Darryl Philbin” Robinson, with Wilson mimicking almost-word for word Jones’ rant.

Obviously Wilson is a comic genius and I laughed.

And then I felt bad.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Jones is nuts, and that’s what makes this all so sad…He’s obviously sincere and his feelings are genuine in his new-found faith, and Wilson’s decidedly snarky take on that faith, while high-larious, is still pretty mean.

I don’t know what’s going on in Jones’ head – hopefully this is a stage, or maybe as I implied in my last post about Jones, this is some sort of ruse or performance art piece, and we’re all being duped (I’m waiting for former SNL comedienne Victoria Jackson to come out as a lesbian, Communist, Civil Rights activist with a defiant, “Suck it bitches! Had you all fooled!”)

I think Jones is an easy target right now for a couple reasons –  mainly because his feelings and beliefs are seemingly and achingly sincere, and he’s young.

But still I laughed, so maybe I’m full of shit.

What do you think? Was Rain Wilson’s video spoof funny? Or mean? Or both?

Click on the link below to visit Entertainment Weekly‘s Website to see the video:


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