What to do about hate speech when I have an email address???

So, I’ve received offensive comments on this blog before – it comes with the territory: just as I like to bloviate and pontificate about matters political, social, etc., there are others who want to do the same.

Well, I have a quick question – what advice do you dear readers have to a blogger who’s gotten hate speech, and I have the email of the idiot? I know that this email address was created purely for slinging bigoted nonsense anonymously because it the email address itself there is an anti-Semitic slur (the “k” word).

I’m not sure I want to publish the asshat’s email online because that’ll just do what he/she wants – get more attention. Should I just treat the dummy like a spoiled kid having a tantrum and just ignore it? That’s what I’ve done before…

Is there something creative and witty I can do? Like call hin/her out on the shit he’s/she’s posted and be done with it?

Any advise will be appreciated…


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