Aside from the economy and foreign policy, rape has emerged as a theme in the election

Comedienne Kathy Griffin and singer-actress-icon Cher have put together a hilarious video slamming Mitt Romney’s stance on women’s rights – specifically Romney’s support of Richard Mourduck’s comment that a pregnancy resulted from a rape is a “gift” from God.
See the video below:

The theme of rape has emerged in the election – mainly because there were a couple Republican candidates who put their foot in it when they tried explaining how reproductive freedom shouldn’t be considered even in case of rape; Paul Ryan even tried coining the term – “forcible rape” – a redundant term, if there ever was one.

At this point it would be cliche to say that the election’s become “nasty.” After all, I can’t remember an election that didn’t include shit-talking and mud-slinging; and culture wars have always been pulled into the campaigns, as well – during Bush’s presidential campaigns it was gay marriage and patriotism and “Americanism.” During the McCain/Obama contest in 2008, there was more of what it means to be a “real” American – and Muslims were used as political sacrificial lambs.

And now, it’s women’s turn again. Women’s reproductive freedoms are being challenged now.

On Tuesday, the fate of those freedoms will be decided.




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One response to “Aside from the economy and foreign policy, rape has emerged as a theme in the election

  1. Only politicians can be so ignorant when trying to promote what they believe there party agenda want s”stupid” people to hear. I was appalled to read and or hear the comments from the Gop-ers running for office. How low are these so called educated politicians going to stoop?

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