Heard a response from DISH network via SPAM complaints

I wrote a post not too long ago about SPAM I’ve been getting from fake readers who love my blog, but love the DISH network even more. The fake posts are in response to a blog post I wrote about a certain film or television show – the fake comment will say something like “I love [INSERT NAME OF FILM/TV SHOW] and my friends and I talk about it all the time – we like watching it with DISH network, and feel that DISH network is the best.” That kind of thing.

The first one I thought was legit, and I left it on – then I got another, and thought it a weird coincidence, but let it be viewed as well. By the third, fourth and fifth, I realized this was crap and I wouldn’t give DISH network free publicity.

Now, I don’t mind giving free publicity for stuff I like – I give amazon.com free publicity all the time – it’s a great company, and I shop through amazon.com all the time. But I don’t own a TV, so I don’t watch cable, so I don’t know anything about DISH so I refuse to promote the company.

Anyways, I wrote an email to DISH network – this is what I wrote:

 I’m not a customer, but I think your company should know this – I maintain a literary blog, and have been receiving SPAM from folks extolling the virtues of your company – these fake comments lead me to believe that for some reason these folks are posting as general readers who are very happy with your services. I’m sure your products/services are fantastic – I have no reason to suspect otherwise; but after a quick google search, I see that other bloggers also get these posts – they often go something like this: the writer will make a vague reference to the post in question, but then start writing something like, “when my friends get together we love to watch that movie on our DISH network” or something to that effect… I’m sure your company does not encourage this kind of dishonest practice of getting free publicity – my question is – are you aware of this, and if so, what have you done in response? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”

As you can see, I didn’t accuse DISH directly of being the source of the SPAM, I merely suggested that there is some kind of incentive for these dummies to write these fake posts crowing about how great DISH is. I also wanted to know if DISH was aware and if the folks with DISH were planning on doing something. Well, I got a response. Short, but not so sweet.

“Dear Peter,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We thank you for the information you provided.
Please understand that other providers may be the one whose doing those blogs. But we know that were providing our best to provide customer satisfaction.
And our customers can just prove it instead of just listening to blogs that may ruined ones company.
Thank you for your email.
Fritzie IT1″
So it’s obvious that DISH is outsourcing its customer service email support to another country, that hasn’t trained its employees to write in English very well or I got the bum respondent who just happened to have a terrible grasp on the English language. Either way, my question wasn’t answered, as “Fritzie IT1” merely assured me that DISH knows that they are “providing our best to provide customer satisfaction.”
To be frank, I’m not sure if Fritzie even understood the nature of my complaint.
Anyways, I cannot comment on DISH’s products and services – which I’m sure are fine – but I can comment on their customer service response, and it kinda sucks.

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