Inter-political relationships – can they work?

The RedEye – a terrible free newspaper for commuters had an interesting article (for once) on couples whose politics differ. It’s an interesting idea to think about – could you be with a spouse whose political ideology is diametrically opposed to yours?

I’m not sure how that would work out – I know I wouldn’t be able to date a Republican long term. In fact, in my relationship, I’m the more conservative one (which tells you just how liberal my partner is).

I just cannot imagine being able to put fundamental differences that do leak into morality aside. I once when on a date with a guy – a coworker set us up. Not fifteen minutes into our conversation, this admitted that he’s a Republican, who is against welfare, thinks people on welfare are lazy, felt that Section 8 housing ruins a neighborhood, and thought that the war in Iraq was a good idea.

Now, I know that a lot of gay conservatives bemoan the “coming out” as Republican to other gays – they say that they’re treated worse by their gay friends than by their Republican peers – which, I have to call bs on because I’m not sure how many liberal gays are trying to take away legal rights from their conservative counterparts.

And lest you think I’m one-sided, I can’t imagine an anti-choicer being happy with someone pro-choice, especially if that said anti-choicer thought abortion was murder; you’d be with someone who condones what you believe is murder. How could you move beyond that?

I’m all for bipartisanship, and I think it’s great that folks of different political strips can put aside their differences and just enjoy each other. They’re better people than I.


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