Note to DISH Network – stop sending me SPAM.

Dear DISH Network,

I hope this blog post finds you well – I’m sure you’re very busy.

I was writing to ask you for a favor – please stop encouraging SPAM comments on my blog.

I noticed these faux commentators a few months ago – at first I thought they were sincere writers – except I got more and more posts that would make some perfunctory comments on my blog posts, but then go off about how great DISH products and services are.

I’m sure your products and services are top-notch. And sometimes I do advertise products I like, so I’m not against free advertising – but, hey – be honest about and don’t use what’s supposed to be a space for dialogue and debate for your dishonest practices.

Yours sincerely,

A Crowded Bookshelf


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One response to “Note to DISH Network – stop sending me SPAM.

  1. luvmykidz

    I’m sure Dish is just as good as any other satellite provider, however when I got a divorce, I asked them to remove my ex’s name from the account – which they couldn’t do for a variety of reasons, so I cancelled the service and changed company’s. I now get Dish flyers, emails, and other unsolicted mail in both names, in all combinations, sent to my address. I moved over a year ago, and I still get mail from them to Mr. and Mrs XXX – to my new address. An address my ex has never even lived at. This is incredibly frustrating. I’ve been divorced for nearly a decade. I guess when I remarry and change my name I can resend the mail back to “no such name at this address”.

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