What I’m reading: Shirley Jackson’s “Life Among Savages”

Life Among the SavagesI’m a fan of writer Shirley Jackson – mainly for her short story thriller, “The Lottery.” Every English major has read Jackson’s “The Lottery” which is an omnious and horrifying tale of a small town that holds a lottery, except the outcome is not what’s expected or foreshadowed by the actions in the story. It’s a terrifying story, and it gives me the creeps reading it. She’s a highly acclaimed horror/mystery writer who has influenced writers like Stephen King.

Life Among Savages is nothing like what I’d expect from Jackson. It’s a compilation of essays and short stories that fictionalized her time as a mother, trying to maintain order of her unruly brood of three kids. The stories are humorous essays – think Erma Bombeck – it’s like discovering that Stephen King writes books like Dave Barry.

So the stories are hilarious, and I’ve laughed out loud a few times – and there’s nothing of the thrill queen in these stories of domestic comedies. I’ll give a full review when I’m done with the book.


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