Emmy recap

I didn’t watch the Emmy shows, but read the reviews and the winners – so here’s my quick recap of what I thought about the winners:

Best drama was taken by Homeland, a show I don’t watch – I wish PBS’s Downton Abbey or AMC’s Mad Men would’ve won.

For best comedy, Modern Family won – I started watching the show a bit late, and am a fan – I think it’s a great show, but I would’ve chosen Parks and Recreation, especially since it had such a strong year last season with Leslie’s political campaign.

The lead actor is Damien Lewis from Homeland. I wish Jon Hamm would finally win for Mad Men – he had a great year last season, as Don Draper’s life went through some huge changes – all of which put Hamm’s thespic talents to the challenge (and he was more than up to the challenge).

The lead actress in drama is Claire Danes for Homeland – I can’t say I’m surprised – whenever she’s up for something at the Emmy’s, she pretty much wins. I’m disappointed that Elisabeth Moss lost – her work on Mad Men was pretty fantastic – Peggy’s exit from SCDP was monumental, and she was wonderful.

The best actor in comedy was won by Jon Cryer for Two and a Half Men – I never was a fan of the show – never really “getting” it though, it’s nice to see Cryer, an 80s Brat Packer getting a trophy; I would’ve been happier with Alec Baldwin getting an award for 30 Rock or Louis C.K. for Louie; I’m a little surprised that Jim Parsons lost for The Big Bang Theory, who seems like an Emmy favorite (I thought he’d turn into like a Kelsey Grammar, John Lithgow or Candice Bergen, and continuously win).

The best actress was Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep. I like the actress, but I really felt it should’ve been Amy Poehler’s year.

Lead actor in a miniseries went to Kevin Costner for Hatfields & McCoys, which is criminal – Benedict Cumberbatch should’ve won for Sherlock.

Lead actress in a miniseries went to Julianne Moore for playing Sarah Palin (Tina Fey won for playing the vice presidential candidate on SNL) which I thought was fair.

Supporting actor for drama was won by Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad, which I think is ridiculous – Jared Harris deserved the trophy for playing the despondent Lane Pryce in his final year on Mad Men.

Maggie Smith won for Downton Abbey, which was predictable, but very fair – she’s fantastic actress and does a great job on the show. If Christina Hendricks won for Mad Men, that would’ve been great, too.

Supporting actor went to Eric Stonestreet for his flamboyant performance as Cameron in Modern Family. He’s good and it’s a well-deserved win.

Supporting actress in a comedy went to Julie Bowen for Modern Family – slightly disappointed as I hoped her costar, Sofia Vergara would’ve won.

Supporting actor in a miniseries was a travesty because Martin Freeman’s wonderfully sad and funny performance as Watson in Sherlock was beaten by Tom Berenger’s performance in Hatfields & McCoys.

Jessica Lange winning best supporting actress in a miniseries for American Horror Story was predicted, and I think it’s good.

So, there you are – none of the winners would’ve been my choice – with the exception of Maggie Smith.


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