Taking on the misogynists and the fundies

The Internet’s a great thing because anyone can share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc. And the anonymity allows for shy  folks to publish their words.

Unfortunately, there’s an ugly side to it, as well – dickwads who hide behind their computer screens and vent their anti-woman feelings. Some women bloggers who have been inundated with hateful comments  and posts, have been forced to quit their blogs.

I hate to generalize, but I’ll be doing some of that – I’m thinking that most of these asshats who like to abuse women online are these jerks who are pissed because they the cheerleaders or queen bees in their high schools didn’t go out with them; it’s terrible you have to remind them that women aren’t put on this planet for them.

A lot of this crap of course is due to the way we socialize girls and the way we socialize boys – we do it differently, and we do it fucked up. We tell girls that they aren’t entitled to love – they have to earn it; this message is even promoted in women’s magazines; boys, on the other hand, are told that they are entitled to love.

So, how does this hate against women manifest itself on the Internet? Well, whenever women get criticized on the Internet, it’s always tied to their sexuality or their gender. It’s always some variation on “feminazi” or “c*nt” or “bitch.”

The moral of the story? These guys are idiots…

This sounds like a feminist rant, right? Well sometimes the general ugliness of misogyny is just oppressive and galling that you just wanna scream. The great and all-time awesome feminist artist Yoko Ono once wrote that sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night because of the screams of all the women in the world.



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2 responses to “Taking on the misogynists and the fundies

  1. Well said! So few women seem to have this figured out as well as you do. They think too little of themselves.


    • @ autumnpearl2013 – glad you liked my rant – I’m hoping more women bloggers will resist the (justified and understandable) urge to shut down their sites because of the ugly words of cyber bullies.
      BTW – not that it matters, but I’m a guy.

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