Book shopping – in Milwaukee – part 2

So as mentioned in my post about my  third day in Milwaukee, I got some more books and CDs withdrawn from the Milwaukee Public Library’s collection. The prices were great and I got some more books for my personal collection in the library in my place.

Product DetailsWhat Would Murphy Brown Do? How the Women of Prime Time Changed Our Lives by Allison Klein. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Murphy Brown fan. This book is written by an MTV producer, who is interested in looking at how women are presented on TV. She looks at different iconic female-driven shows like The Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore, Friends, Sex and the City and, of course Murphy Brown, among others. I thumbed through it and found it funny, as she examined different topics like gender equality, parenthood, friendship, work, sex and feminism on television.

Product DetailsTime Out Film Guide, Ninth Edition 2001 edited by John Pym. I like Time Out reviews of films – the writers are often immune to slavish, blind love of the films, but they are also usually not as snarky or purposely contrarian and assholish like the folks with independent newspapers. It’s pretty dated – 2001 – so more than a decade’s worth of films is missing, but it’s still worth reading for the insightful, clear-headed reviews of the films.

Product DetailsMike Leigh on Mike Leigh edited by Amy Raphael.  Mike Leigh’s one of my favorite directors – his portrayals of London are different than what’s popular among most movie goers. He shows a grittier, working class London that few filmmakers show – his movies are nothing like Love Actually. This is a great collection of interviews between Raphael and Leigh. This is part of Directors on Directors series – I have the Woody Allen book. I’d be interested in seeing where does Leigh draw inspiration for his view of London and why his art avoids a lot of the idealization of the city.

I also got four CDs from the bookshop in Milwaukee Public Library.

Product DetailsEverything Must Go by the Manic Street Preachers.  I like British rock/pop bands and Manic Street Preachers are pretty popular – I don’t know this record very well – but it was a dollar. I know that some fans may have been turned off because 1) the lead guitarist disappeared, so he’s not on the album and 2) some of the lyrics are said to be overtly political.

Product Details“Lifetime to Love” Maxi-Single by Ce Ce Peniston. Peniston is known for her huge club hit “Finally” but she’s been quite active on the club scene with some pretty good dance music. I’m a fan of her huge voice. I wish she would go into the studio for a new album – she’s been on some soundtracks, and she’s released some singles with dance mixes like this one, but I’m looking forward to hearing some new music from her.

Product DetailsIn the Name of the Father by various artists. I haven’t seen the film in a while, but it was a great movie about Gary Conlon, one of four men falsely accused of bombing two pubs, which killed a few off-duty British police officers. Daniel Day-Lewis was great as Conlon, and an amazing Emma Thompson starred as his lawyer,  Gareth Peirce. I don’t remember the soundtrack very well, but some of my favorite artists like Trevor Jones, who’s done some great soundtrack work, Bono from U2, the Kinks, Bob Marley and probably one of the greatest, most underrated artists of all time: Sinead O’Connor.

Product DetailsPieces of the People We Love by the Rapture. I’m not super-familiar with the Rapture, but I love dance-punk and dance-rock and my partner swore that this was a great band – I like the Bloc Party, and I looked on the Internet, and read that if I liked Bloc Party, I’ll like the Rapture, and again it’s only a dollar, so I picked it up.


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