My trip to Milwaukee, day 1

So, day one of my jaunt to Milwaukee started off with the Megabus being a half hour late. I’ve never taken a Megabus – I’ve only taken Greyhound – but I have to say, Megabus is much nicer. It’s coach-style, and it’s a double-decker with a glass-topped roof.

But because we were late, we had to battle with the traffic, which made the trip seem longer. Oh, and before we left, there was a fight on the bus, because of a dispute, due to the allotment of seats – the driver was called up, and he warned the two that he wouldn’t brook any nonsense, and that if they continued, they would be met by the federal authorities.

Otherise, the trip to Milwaukee was uneventful. When we finally got to Wisconsin, we passed through the country side and I got to see things like: the Cheese Castle – a replica of a castle smack in the middle of the Wisconsin sticks…

We were greeted warmly by the owners of the B&B we’re staying in – it looks like the house from Vincent Minnelli’s Meet Me in St. Louis and it’s decorated in a very Hollywood – MGM-style – with lots of knicknacks, bric-a-brac and ornamental crap.

I think I may be going to a state fair this weekend – I’ve never been to one, growing up in the city. The closest I came was one summer, I went to Italy, and attended a squab fair, where we were invited to gorge on as much squab as we could. At this state fair, I’ll be able to see a pig race, and miniature donkies – which has special significance for me, because I just re-watched the third season of Parks and Recreation, with the Harvest Festival ep, where the folks of Pawnee worshipped a miniature horse named Lil’ Sebastian. So now I know mini-beasts of burden are a thing…


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