A response to Janine Turner’s “Where is Brad Pitt When His Mother Is Under Leftist Attack?”

So actress Janine Turner – some of you may remember her from Northern Exposure – wrote an op-ed piece criticizing Brad Pitt for his silent response to the backlash his mom is getting because she’s a bigot.

Yup, it’s just that plain – she’s a bigot. We’re not talking about “difference of opinion” or “let’s just agree to disagree” we’re not bigotry. Why? Because when all is said and done, what Mrs. Pitt is advocating isn’t a “live and let live” philosophy where bigoted homophobes and anti-choicers are free to do as they please, and the sane part of society is free to do as it chooses, what she’s advocating is for folks who think like Mrs. Pitt to legislate their points of view – personally, I don’t care if people hate gays, or if they are anti-choice – that’s their right – and they’re welcome to advocate for it…but, they should also know that just as they are exercising their rights to freedom of speech by spewing their nonsense, I am exercising my right of free speech to call them on it.

Back to Turner – she cherry picks some wackos who hate  Mrs. Pitt and use misogynistic language to lambast her – never cool. Unfortunately, there are huge parts of the LGBT community that are anti-woman – not surprising since the LGBT community hasn’t sprung out of thin air – we reflect the sexist crap in the mainstream culture. It’s just that simple.

She thinks Brad Pitt, though she run to his rescue. Now, I don’t know Brad Pitt, but maybe his silence is due to face-blushing shame or embarrassment? Like when your dad says something racist about Mexicans or blacks – and you have to roll your eyes, because, “Jeez, dad, people can hear you…”

Or maybe Pitt isn’t running to his mom’s defense because – gasp – there is no defense? If a loved one wrote a letter to a newspaper, pushing other Christians to vote against equality laws for Jews, women, blacks, gays, etc. I wouldn’t be exactly rushing toward a microphone to make statements. I don’t think I’d go public with my disapproval, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to publicly acknowledge the dumb statements. I’d wait silently and hope that the controversy will die down. Or maybe Pitt is pissed off that his mom would use such a public stage to air her bigotry.

I’m not sure – but I do understand why he’s silent. Pitt, along with his wife, movie star Angelina Jolie, rush about the world lending their considerable combined celebrity to highlight causes dear to them – one of which is marriage equality. This is a pretty embarrassing blow to them, when someone so near and dear goes on a tirade (it’d be like if one of Al Gore’s kin bought a gas-guzzling SUV; or if Brigitte Bardot’s family members start to club seals for fun).

Turner tries to rewrite the conversation by saying that Mrs. Pitt is a victim of bullying – interesting, since it’s Mrs. Pitt who’s the bully – she has a public forum and (presumed) wealth, and uses it to try and disenfranchise a group. I’m sure Turner doesn’t need to just stroll through the Internet and see true victims of bullying. I’m also sure that Turner – a seemingly nice lady – doesn’t mean to trivialize the deaths of gay folk who either are driven to suicide or murdered, by trying to paint a homophobe as a victim of an intolerant society. She highlights some really ugly stuff that was written about Mrs. Pitt – but Mrs. Pitt’s words are just as hurtful, but written in far more eloquent and elegant fashion.


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