Happy birthday, America – a 4th of July post from a liberal

If you only watched Fox News, you’d believe that liberals who support our president, oppose the war in Iraq, and support sane and fair immigration reform hate America – that’s not true: liberals love America just as much as our conservative counterparts.

I love America because we have the freedom to express our opinions, even if they are critical of our elected officials; we also have the freedom and responsibility to voice our concern when our government doesn’t fulfill its duties, promises and responsibilities.

I love America because in the past fifty years, we’ve made huge leaps in civil rights for racial minorities, women, children, workers, and religious minorities – and we have the responsibility to sustain these progressive movements forward to ensure that we have true and profound equality and live up to the values and mission of this country.

I love America because of our “can do” attitude and our culture of hard work and getting things done.

Happy birthday, America  this liberal loves you.


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