Steve Harvey’s an idiot

So, I was randomly watching videos on YouTube and I came across this one

Steve Harvey’s on Larry King Live and it looks like Joy Behar’s the host. On the program, Harvey explains that women shouldn’t go out with atheists because we have no morality – because we don’t believe in god, or heaven and hell, that means we have no moral compass. Later on in the interview, he goes on to call atheists idiots because we don’t believe that a god created everything.

This reminded me of a  SNL skit – Kenan Thompson impersonates a goofy Harvey who is guest-hosting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and cannot read the more difficult clues. At the time, I found the skit mean and low. After watching this and other videos of Steve Harvey, I think the SNL writers were exceedingly generous.

It’s interesting that Harvey believes it’s only the faithful that have ethics and morality: funny, because lots of shit that went down in history was a result of religion: terrorism, war, genocide – religion has played a part in some of history’s most atrocious acts of violence.

For example, the Bible was used to justify slavery, misogyny, witch burning, gay bashing and racial segregation. Religious chauvinism plays a huge part in the Middle East conflict – specifically between Israel and its neighbors. And terrorists have used their Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths to justify blowing up and murdering innocents. I wonder what Harvey thinks about these guys.

I would like to let Mr. Harvey know that even though I’m an atheist, I also have morals and ethics. And I don’t need to be bribed into being good by the prospect of heaven; I also don’t need to be scared into being a decent person by the threat of eternal damnation. I treat people well because I want to be treated well – it’s really simple…ridiculously well. I don’t need to believe in fairies, or witches, or gods, or angels to convince me that not being a dick is the way to go.

I won’t go as far as to say that Harvey’s a bigot – he’s not. His motivation isn’t hatred of atheists. He comes from a place of profound ignorance and stupidity. He’s recast himself as some kind of expert on relationships, and his faux-intelligence is shaky at best. Case in point: watch a hilariously stupid Harvey on The View go on about how “real” men cannot live without women. The ladies immediately corrected him by saying “straight” men cannot live without women. Harvey makes a point of saying real men again – finally, that dim bulb flickers a bit when he understands that he’s put his foot in it, and makes a half-assed save. Again, is Steve Harvey homophobic? Probably not, he’s just dumb.




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3 responses to “Steve Harvey’s an idiot

  1. bmorefunnyman

    You have to excuse Steve Harvey. He comes from a mindset where he got married to this chick, wanted to impress her and decided to go god 100%. Now also keep in mind that he comes from a community that reject anything that is culturally “White” which includes “Evolution/Science” Because knowing to much without obscene declarations of faith isn’t “Black” in the “Black Community” Just knowing who Steven Hawkins is would result in loosing street cred. But that’s that only for those who keep Steve Harvey “Black”, as to the community of “African Americans” Steve Harvey hangs with…well they may go to church, but they don’t practice what the preacher preaches after Sunday, especially the day before Sunday.

    • Thanks for your reply – though I don’t necessarily agree with your assertion that the black community will reject anything that is culturally “white,” nor do I agree that “evolution/science” are culturally white, or percieved so by the majority of the black community – as I seem to recall, a lot of the folks on television who are railing against evolution, science and climate change are white evangelicals…
      I think in Steve Harvey’s case, he’s an idiot – plain and simple – his race has little to do with his stupidity; he’s on par with someone like Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts or Mike Huckabee (all white).

  2. fgfdgfdgdfg

    These people should realize they are “celebrities” and not historians or teachers. He’s not even that funny nor is a great actor and even if he was the funniest dude in the world and the greatest actor, it still doesnt give him the pass to make stupid comments. He should know his role and stick to is…..people liek him and tom cruise who push their faith in peoples faces need a reality check by way of right cross to the face.

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