My blog’s first anniversary

It was a year ago today that I decided to start this blog. It was probably my third attempt at putting together a blog – for some reason this one took.

It’s interesting about the stuff I learned about blogging and writing keeping this page.

I love writing this blog because I love sharing my thoughts on pop culture, politics, art and literature. And while my readership numbers aren’t near that of Perez Hilton or Amanda Marcotte, I still love the feedback I get from the folks who take time out to read my musings.

During the year that I’ve posted various articles, I’ve gotten a wide range of responses from my readers – most positive, though some critical – all appreciated, though.

When I started out to write this blog, I wasn’t sure what direction I was going to take – I looked around the Internet at the bloggers I admire – Pam Spaulding, Marcotte, Julia Sweeny, Dan  Renzi – and I thought about why exactly I enjoyed reading their online ramblings.

It’s also interesting to see just what’s popular and what people like to read. When I posted my thoughts on Guy Fieri and the anti-Semitic allegations, I was surprised at just how enthusiastic the response was; I also was surprised at the high traffic due to my nattering on Kirk Cameron’s and his idiotic opinions.  I didn’t think I’d have over 12,000 hits on my blog – it’s pretty fantastic. I also didn’t imagine I’d have over 80 comments – also very fantastic.

So, dear readers thank you for a great year…and here’s to another.



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2 responses to “My blog’s first anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary! May there be many more. 🙂

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