Spike Lee is giving the wrong apology

Yet again a celebrity uses social media irresponsibly. A couple weeks ago Patricia Heaton went on Twitter to join Rush Limbaugh in crapping on Sandra Fluke for advocating health coverage of birth control.

Now, director Spike Lee joins Heaton in the panel of celebs who should think before hitting the “enter” key.

Lee, understandably angry over the handling of the Trayvon Martin shooting re-Tweeted a Tweet that supposedly had the home address of Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman.

Except the address was wrong. Instead the address was the home of an elderly couple, who had to endure harassment and threats as a result of having their home address erroneously blasted throughout the Internet.

So Lee quickly apologized, contacted the couple’s attorney and the matter was (assumingly) financially settled.

The problem is that let’s say Lee got the address right? He apologized for getting the address wrong on his Tweet, but he didn’t remark that posting Zimmerman’s home address on the Internet was reckless and irresponsible.

Let me say that I think that Zimmerman should be arrested. He should be charged with Martin’s killing – but Tweeting his home address is akin to promoting vigilante justice – which is wrong and immoral. A man as smart as Lee should recognize this.

Part of the issue with Martin’s shooting – outside of the ugly racism is that we need to move beyond this Wild, Wild West scenario, where we arm citizens and create a culture of paranoia. The NRA has successfully instilled  a fear in regular Americans that to survive one must arm oneself with a handgun.

The shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords showed just how careful we have to be about using incendiary rhetoric. Giffords’ shooting could have been attributed to the blustery language of then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin whose Website included addresses of congressional offices highlighted by images of crosshairs.

Lee should’ve apologized for Tweeting the wrong address, but he would’ve had to apologized even if he got the address right.


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