A hoodie’s not to blame, Geraldo

Former chat show host Geraldo Rivera was on Fox discussing the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Martin, a black teen, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman. The shooting took place in Sanford, Florida, just outside of Orlando. Martin was just coming home from a shop. Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, even though the kid wasn’t armed (all he had on him was a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles).

Geraldo talked about the hoodie – something that’s become a sort of symbol in this tragedy. Rivera explained that young men of color should not wear hoodies or baggy jeans, because these are the sartorial choices of gang members.

Rivera’s comments have been discussed and criticized by many. It’s akin to blaming a rape victim because she was wearing a miniskirt and bustier. A woman could wear pasties and a g-string and walk down the street and she shouldn’t be blamed for rape. And the same goes for Hispanic or black men – they should be allowed to wear anything they want: hoodies, baggie jeans, expensive trainers, etc – it doesn’t matter if popular culture has miscast these things as “hood wear” Trayvon Martin should not have been tagged as someone who is “up to no good” because of a hoodie.



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