What I learned during my first year as a blogger

As 2011 drew to a close, I started thinking about my writing and blogging. I jumped on the blog bandwagon late – I wanted to share my writing, ideas and thoughts with the world, but didn’t really know how. By creating this blog, I got a chance to do just that –

I also learned a lot.

I learned recently that when you write a blog post and it goes out into the clouds, it’s no longer yours. When I wrote an article about Africa, foreign aid and gay rights (my previous two posts), I was sad to discover that my well-intentioned article was used by a conservative-loony blog to support its writers’ points of view. I decided to keep the link to the article, because I feel that’s what the Internet’s about – arguing.

I also learned that some of the strangest stories get the most hits. For example, a story I related about Olympian-turned-politician Carl Lewis and his opponent’s racist email scandal got a huge amount of readers and was one of my most popular posts. Also, Food Network star, Guy Fieri’s alleged homophobia also was very popular and was read more than any other blog post I published. And strangely enough, a review of a Joan Rivers documentary was widely read.

Another lesson I learned was that writing is a great way to get out frustration over whatever is happening either in my own personal world, or the world at large. Whether it’s because my train was late on my morning commute, or some Right Wing blowhard was being an idiot, I vented  my frustration at certain foibles in the world and you, my dear readers, followed along.

So, I will continue blogging and hopefully, you’ll continue reading.

Thank you…


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