Turtle Bay and Beyond is simply wrong and I do not believe governments have a right to discriminate against homosexuals

A couple days ago I allowed for an article to be linked to my blog post expressing my opposition to the idea of cutting foreign aid from countries that discriminate against gays and lesbians. The article written by Wendy Wright essentially reported the issue – though some of the “facts” Wright included were incorrect – for example she writes,

“C-FAM has heard reports of US officials as high up as Secretary of State Susan Rice explicitly threatening small countries at the UN to adopt pro-homosexual policies. ”

If Ms Wright did her research she would realize that Susan Rice is not the secretary of state – Hillary Clinton is. Rice is the US Ambassador to the UN.

But more importantly, I want to distance myself from the Turtle Bay Website – many of the articles espouse a conservative point of view which I, of course, do not agree with. Also, any Web site worth its salt would know better than to make the error that Wright did in identifying Rice as our secretary of state (hopefully, the editors at Turtle Bay will see this and fix it).

Let me state this explicitly: countries that discriminate against homosexuals are wrong – we aren’t just talking about same-sex marriage, but we’re talking about gays and lesbians being jailed, harassed, beaten, killed. I don’t believe that pushing for a cut in foreign aid is necessarily the answer, but I do believe that the UN and the US have a responsibility to decry these idiotic governments that victimize their LGBT communities.

Because I believe in a free and contentious dialogue, I’ll leave the article link so that others can see what kind of nonsense Turtle Bay will pass off as “facts” and “news.”




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