Bookmans Entertainment Exchange – a great stop for used books and music in Mesa, Arizona

As anyone familiar with this blog will know, I’m always looking out for great used bookstores. On a recent trip to Mesa, Arizona, I was pleased to get a chance to visit Bookmans Entertainmen Exchange. It’s absurd how great this book is, and how great the prices are. I’ve been told that the store has tootsed itself up a bit since it’s opened, and if so, the managers did a bang-up job.

Bookmans is located in a strip mall and is housed in a huge space. The majority of the square footage is used up by what seems like acres of bookcases. There is also a great selection of DVDs and a decent collection of used CDs. The prices are great – usually half of the original publisher’s price. There are some great obscure curios that you can buy (I was able to buy the whole series of Anne of Green Gables) for great prices.

And unlike lots of used bookstores, the staff members at Bookmans eschew the hipster-jaded attitude and are welcoming and friendly, asking if you need help and making small talk at the counter.

The Bookmans in Mesa, like the other locations have events, too, which you can learn about by going to its calendar.



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