What I’m Reading: The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht

The Tiger's Wife: A Novel

So, I joined the Huffington Post’s book club I guess to replace the Oprah’s book club-shaped hole in my heart. The book that was chosen was Tea Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife: A Novel, a book that’s gotten huge publicity and lots of hype for its young author. I’m always wary of books that get loads of attention.

I started the book on Wednesday, and I’m about half-way through. The writing is incredible, but the story itself is a bit slow-moving, so my reception to the novel so far, is pretty muted. The story is about a young doctor in a postwar Balkan country who travels to a town with her friend to participate in an innoculation scheme for orphans. During her trip her grandfather, also a doctor, dies. Then the book goes into flashbacks to the grandfather’s life and his work as well as the granddaughter’s life and work. The stamp of war influences both lives and how they relate not only to each other but to their surroundings. The book starts to get some supernatural plot lines as well, which don’t work – but again, I’m only half-way done with the book, so maybe it’ll all come together.

It’s obvious that Obreht is a very talented writer, and even if the story gets a bit boring and plodding, the language she uses often makes up for any ennui. I’ll be glad to get it doned and write up a review for it.



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2 responses to “What I’m Reading: The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht

  1. Kelly House

    There is a great interview with Tea on The Book Report, go to http://www.bookreportradio.com/archives.html to have a listen.

  2. Hannah

    Thanks for the review of the book. And thanks Kelly for the link, I actually found out that the show airs Sundays 1:30-2 in Chicago on WIND 560 AM. The interview was quite interesting, in fact so were some interviews with other authors on that show.

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