Chelsea Clinton impresses with her debut on “Rock Center.”

Chelsea Clinton debuted on Rock Center with Brian Williams as a special NBC correspondent. As reported a few weeks back, Clinton was tapped to give reports on stories of people making a difference. Her hire was a source of much controversy, some arguing that Clinton’s lack of journalism experience makes her an inappropriate choice for the job. Producers countered that Clinton would not be delivering hard news, but instead would be offering uplifting human interest stories.

As judged by this debut, Clinton proves to be a natural. She’s calm and focused, without resorting to any tricks or gimmicks to grab the audience’s attention. At times, she appeared too sedate, but one could simply chalk that up to nerves. There wasn’t much in terms of interviewing, and because this was a fluff piece, Clinton wasn’t taxed in the same way that Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer would be; instead, she was able to present a beautiful story with genuine care and interest.

As interesting as Clinton was, it’s really the subject of the report that deserves the attention:  Annette Dove who founded Targeting Our People’s Priorities with Service or TOPPS in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Dove left a lucrative job in education to fund this project that fills in the gap for a lot of lower-income children, many of whom, are constricted by poverty. Some of the programs offered by TOPPS, Inc. include tutoring, mentorship, physical health and job training. Dove’s work often comes at personal expense to her savings and bank accounts, and according to the report, she’s had to declare personal bankruptcy because of the many times she’s had to close the financial gap that federal funds and grants cannot. For more information on TOPPS, Inc, please visit its Website




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