GOPround is offended by Rick Perry’s anti-gay ad.

Aesop’s “The Farmer and the Viper” tells the story of a farmer who finds a viper, dying in the freezing cold. Taking pity on it, he takes it to his home, nurses it back to health and then the viper promptly bites the farmer and he dies. The moral of the story being that if you’re kind to evil, it’ll bite you in the ass.

And so with that in mind, GOProud is crying foul over Rick Perry’s now infamous (and pretty ridiculous) anti-gay ad. GOProud founder, Jimmy LaSalvia twittered that he’s tired of “faggots who line their pockets with checks from antigay homophobes while throwing the rest of us under the bus.” The “faggot” LaSalvia is referring to is Tony Fabrizio, who is working on Perry’s campaign.

Now, I’m not excusing Fabrizio’s input (if he had any) and really, if Perry wasn’t the mastermind behind that appalling video, he needs to clean shop and get a new shelf of employees. My issue is with LaSalvia – is he really that deluded? I don’t know how many times I’ve thought (and written) about GOProud in almost the exact language LaSalvia used in his twit (except I wouldn’t call anyone a faggot – it’s offensive, ugly and stupid, kind of like GOProud).

My hope (and before I even finish this thought I know it’s in vain) is that the folks at GOProud and any other gay conservative organization (I’m looking at you, Log Cabins) see this a finally proof that the LGBT community is not part of the conservative agenda, no matter how hard they try. Of course there are a couple of Republicans who are pretty gay-friendly and good for them – I won’t give them a medal or anything, because I don’t believe in rewarding people for just doing the right thing (I’m looking at you, GLAAD, HRC and every other gay rights org that spends thousands of $$$ on banquets to pat people on the back for not being assholes). But the vast, overwhelming majority of the Republican Party’s elected officials are standing against gay rights. And this is a fantastic reminder that money, though a potential equalizer, isn’t enough.

This goes back to a good few years back when Tom Cruise was on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. This was before the whole couch-jumping, going nuts Tom Cruise, and he was still with Nicole Kidman at the time. Cruise’s son is biratial. Winfrey asked Cruise how will he approach the race issue and he responded with something akin to “what race issue,” implying of course, that he and his circle are color blind so his son won’t feel any sting of racism. The audience of housewives and gay guys applauded Cruise’s extremely politically correct response. Except there’s a problem. When Cruise’s son goes into the real world, he’ll still be met with racism, even though his dad is a millionaire. Money doesn’t insulate from racism – just as Bill Cosby, whose son Ennis was murdered by someone who later bragged about killing a black man. Cosby’s almost-billions couldn’t protect Ennis.

And so we go back to gays with money siding with conservatives. We may be able to buy ourselves into some of the clubs, but as Perry (and Bachmann, Cain, Bush, Quayle, Reagan, Palin, et al) has shown, we’ll never be an equal part of their world. It’d be best if these moneyed gays used their disposible income and their connections to support candidates who work for equality.


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