Hank Williams, Jr. yet again enlightens the world with is Wilde-like wit

Policy expert and country singer, Hank Williams, Jr. has been silenced by ESPN  because he decided to be a dummy and pull a Hitler/Obama comparison. At this point I want to just shake my head, but I’ll continue with the story.

So Williams, known for his sharp, political mind opined that a June golf game that pitted President Obama and House Speaker Boehner versus Vice President Biden and Ohio governor, John Kasich was a political mistake because, “That’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” Yes, he went there folks. Huh.

EPSN worried about a possible backlash against Williams’ gaffe is dropping his rollicking theme song from its broadcast of Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Indianapolis Colts. I’ll assume those are names of American football teams.

Williams tried to clean up his act a bit by trotting out the old fake populist Kabuki act that all conservatives do when we call them out on their nonsense. Sarah Palin does it. Michele Bachmann does it. Remember when Sherri Shepherd was called out on The View because she wasn’t sure that the earth was round? What was her answer: that she wasn’t sure about the earth being round, but she was sure that she worried about feeding her child.

So in his non-defense, Williams said that Obama and Biden (whom he referred to as the Three Stooges – so apparently, math is a sore point with Williams, as well – and by the way, he’s contributed to Bachmann’s presidential campaign – is it me or does this all stench with BS – Biden and Obama are the Three Stooges, but Bachmann is the credible one? Really?) were playing golf while the economy is crashing and working folks are struggling. Then lamented that the Tea Party is being portrayed as racists – quick tip folks: a great way to avoid being called a racist? Don’t be a racist.

Meanwhile, when Bush was president, he was running around falling of Segways and chocking on pretzels, starting illegal wars and taking lots of vacation time – I don’t remember Williams coming out and likening Dubya to Mussolini, did you?


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