Madonna may be tapped as Super Bowl Halftime show-stopper: Let the misogyny begin!

Detroit-born pop diva, Madonna, is a possible for the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI. It’s difficult to choose the acts ever since Janet Jackson’s infamous performance (that was ridiculously blown out of proportion). Some sports fans are already demonstrating the kind of knee-jerk misogyny Madonna had to face in the early 1990’s. Some of the clever, witty shots that were written include:

Jason: I thought the NFL found old wrinkled @#$% to be offensive?!

Cliff: Is that Madonna or a Drag Queen?

Ken: a grandma in spandex…great just great.

This is a particularly classy comment from Getoutofmyyard: Eww, what’s that stink? Oh, it’s just Madonna. It’ll have to be a pretty sad game for that cumbucket to seem entertaining.

Ihatecheney: please anyone but this @#$%

Red: Almost anything would be better. Bring the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders out or the Rockettes. Anything but that Bimbo.

Larry Golightly: Old washed up CHEAP $$$$$$$$$$$$

Lou: I hear she has to wear a cup to contain the disfiguired labia that decades of relentless flogging has produced. Even soaking the swollen mass nightly in a vat full of collagen hasn’t helped.

Another Lou (could be the same one): I feel sorry for her daughter; she came out of the same hole that SOOOOOO MANY NASTY FOLKS have visited. Hope she held her breath on the way out. If I were her I would shower 4 times a day and still never feel clean.

Even the journalist, Chris Chase felt the need to refer to her as “The aging pop icon” – while listing other’s such as  U2, the late Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and the Who without any reference to their ages – apparently, Mr Chase feels the guys are infants or toddlers compared to “aging” Madonna. And then there was a tired dig at her arms and another tired dig at the Janet Jackson fiasco. Very original and very funny. And while I don’t think Chase is a sexist he does fall into the old trap that millions do when they’re covering a successful, sexual woman “of a certain age.” McCartney, who last time I checked is older than Madge, is somehow just Paul McCartney. Or former Beatle, Paul McCartney. Or just Macca. Madonna, on the other hand, when mentioned, needs to have her impending senior citizenship referred to. Oh, and the photographs a doozy too – She’s in “performance mode” which means she’s covered in some black fishnet and her biceps are flexed. She’s singing so her face is also contorted. I’m sure Yahoo! had other pictures, but felt this one would work best for the article.

It’s not that I think Madonna’s above criticism – she’s fair game. And a lot of the comments, even the snarky ones, do good jobs in jabbing at the idea that Madonna is a has-been or her time’s past – even that her music is terrible – all viable arguments. But going after her looks and sexuality – in the protected armor of the anonymity of the Internet is yellow-bellied and cowardly. At least in Chase’s case, his name’s on his “editorial” so he takes ownership.

If you’re not happy with Madonna playing at the Super Bowl, that’s fine – I don’t think it’s a particularly sympathetic or appropriate venue for her either. Also, I agree that in wake of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and other female divas out there now, Madonna may seem a bit irrelevant (though I’m sure the folks who bought tickets to her show and helped her last couple tours become sell-outs would disagree). But again, I have to ask why do we rely on denigrated a woman’s looks, her sexuality or her age?

If you want to read Chase’s article, follow the link:




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