List five things you love about your culture.

This is another prompt from WordPress – after the rather barbed or piquant post I just published, I thought a more positive post is in order too.

Five things I love about my culture:

1) PBS – Chicago’s WTTW is probably the best thing on television now. I enjoy the cooking shows on Saturdays and I also love watching the BBC dramas and mysteries on Masterpiece Theatre. You can also catch Britcoms, operas, ballet and sometimes they’ll show old movies. I also loved this weird show called Wild Chicago, which is no longer on the air – but it was a great show. Sesame Street  and Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood were two of the most influencial television shows when I was a child, fostering in me a love of reading and writing. I also love all the educational programming on PBS and am a huge fan of Bill Moyers. Also PBS’s In the Life was the first time I saw positive portrayals of LGBT folks on television in my life.

2) Marilyn Monroe – she’s my favorite actress – a brilliant comedienne and an underrated dramatic thespian. Some Like It Hot is probably my all-time favorite movie…

3) Woody Allen – …unless I remember how much I love Annie Hall.

4) Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird – I can’t imagine there being a better book than this?

5) Obama, Clinton (both of them), Roosevelt (FDR and Eleanor), Pelosi, Boxer, Kennedy (JFK, RFK, Ted, Jackie), MLK, Coretta Scott King, W.E.B. DuBois, Steinem, Freidan  – in terms of history we’ve got loads of great folks…


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