Adam Carolla and transphobia

In a discussion about the whole ridiculous “Should Bert & Ernie get married” meme (by the way, to the idiots who started that: thanks for that), alleged comedian Adam Carolla quipped about transgender people, “When did everybody get fucking lumped in with the gays? Really? What percentage is transgendered? When did we start giving a sh** about these people?”

Carolla apologized later claiming himself a “comedian” and not a “politician.”

I find it interesting that Carolla would proudly proclaim such ignorance – his reasoning in the joke is that because the trans population is so low (compared with the rest of the letters in LGBT), we shouldn’t give much mind to what appears to be a fringe group.

And lots of LGB folks agree. And that’s scary.

Transphobia isn’t just an issue that plagues mainstream America – the kind of thinking that Carolla espoused in his quote is also mirrored, unfortunately by gays, as well.

In an online article about the NAACP and the gay community a (presumably) gay poster wrote:
“The trans people don’t need to be there. They are not part of our movement. They can have their own summit where they discuss their own particular issues. I really wish they would just go away.”

In an article about ENDA and the inclusion of protecting transgendered people, Robert from Baltimore wrote:
“As a gay man I don’t know that I want to be chained to the transgendered movement for eternity. When did this happen? They are separate issues. If the administration is ready to give rights based on sexual orientation, but not yet ready to give rights based on gender identity, I say, sorry folks. The transgendered activists will have to try again later. Sorry, but that’s how I feel.”

In a story about anti-trans job discrimination, Tony from California opines:
“I’m sorry what happened to these “women”. I believe wholeheartly in complete trangender rights but I also believe that transgendered people and bisexuals do not belong in the Gay Rights fight. They are not Gay. LGTB should be changed to LG movement.. These TG people must have their own movement and leave LG people alone. We have our own battles to fight.”

Regarding a trans candidate for a Florida congressional seat, Doris from Washington, DC writes:
“This thing will never be welcomed at the womyn only events I attend. For the simple fact that he/she or it is NOT a woman.”

These are just a few of many – a common theme among the posters is this “I want mine, you worry about yours” mentality – Some even resent the trans community for a false belief that it is holding the LGBT movement back (as if those rapid homophobes would be only too happy to join PFLAG once the “T” is removed from LGBT).

I can’t believe that in 2011, this has to be said, but apparently people need reminding: transgendered people are part of the LGBT community – we cannot ignore them, nor jettison them to further gay rights.

And what about Adam Carolla? Well, the fratboy antics of a comedian aren’t all that distressing in the long run – he’s a nothing when compared to the right-wing. If he took his time and thought with his head and not with his ass, he would see that what he said was idiotic and tired.


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