Obama: we should be careful of claiming buyer’s remorse, when thinking of the alternative

So President Obama’s largely transformative presidency has turned out to be largely a bust – instead of becoming the progressive leader the millions of people voted for in 2008, instead he turned out to be just another centrist Democrat. I get that, and just like millions of his other supporters, I’m disappointed in his performance. He’s been at turns, inept, timid and his presidency has been surprisingly toothless.

But let’s not start piling onto the “buyer’s remorse” bandwagaon I’ve been reading about. Now, those who know me, know that I’m a big Hillary supporter – but even I know that if we were in a second President Clinton administration, thing would not be all that different – do we really think Clinton would’ve gotten us out of Afganistan or Iraq? And because of her storied and bruising history with healthcare, I believe she’d have signed a healthcare bill identical to the one Obama signed. And finally with the economic crisis, I don’t think Clinton would’ve acted all that differently, because Obama stacked his cabinet with a vets from her husband’s administration, so chances are she would’ve done the same thing.

So the question is – if things would’ve been the same, why was Obama a better choice than Clinton? Well, to be honest, I’m not sure if Clinton’s support for a muscular military and defense wouldn’t lead to military “campaigns” in North Korea and Iran. Also I’m not too sure how things would play out with the Tea Party rise if Clinton was in power – she already has quite a history of rancor with the right, so I imagine the Tea Party candidates would only to happy to be obstructive and derail anything she would bring to the table.

And let’s not forget as good as she was a presidential candidate, her campaign was a disorganized mess. Until the last stretch when it was just too late for to win, she made one blunder after another – do we really want a president who cannot even run for president?

So do I think Clinton’s better than Obama at anything? Sure I do, and so does Obama, which is why he chose her to be secretary of state – which is also why she’s doing such a bang-up job.

Despite his flaws – which we should continually call him on, in the race between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, we got the best person for the job.


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